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2020 Kitchen Cabinet Trends

The main four colors that we have seen become popular are white, grey, blue, and green. Blue and green have become popular because they allow for those darker colors without going all in on full black cabinets. The blue and green options also allow for lighter colors that really brighten a room. Also, we have seen white and grey become popular for many of the same reasons as blue and green. Homeowners can go lighter with the white cabinets or create a nice dark contrast with the grey.

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How to properly disinfect your counters

With everything going on it has never been more important to make sure your kitchen counter is staying clean. Depending on what type of countertop you have, you may have to clean your counters in a special way. Granite and Quartz are very easy to disinfect, and can be done with household cleaners. The same can be said about Stainless Steel, just make sure you are cleaning your Stainless Steel often. Finally, if you have a Butcher Block of Concrete countertop make sure you use alcohol to clean.

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What are some things you should know before going to a contractor about getting new kitchen?

Start off by making a list of what you don’t like about your current kitchen. This list is just as important as a list of what you want in a new kitchen. By removing those pain points you are already creating a kitchen that you will love, and it help the designers to have a better idea of what not to include when creating your kitchen.

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Do you know your faucet Style?

Not to worry, we are not going to have you fill out one of those on line quizzes. Deep down you already know your style. You know what you like and don’t like. At the end of the day, most people revert back to their first choice. You can ask yourself these few basic questions? Sleek modern designs vs traditional, independent or integrated sprayer, high necks for large pots, do you want that soap dispenser? Most faucets mounted on premium surface countertops tend to be mounted through the countertop. This is due mainly to the popularity of under mount sinks. The faucets holes are then drilled by the countertop fabricator. Your faucet style will dictate how many holes will need to be drilled in your countertop. Things you may consider before you drill. Are you left handed or right handed? This has more to with soap dispensers and or faucets that may have separate on/off handles. Ask yourself “What’s in your faucet?” Is it human nature or just curiosity that gets the best of us, invoking that drive to invent a better mouse trap? Faucet Manufacturers through constant innovations continue to develop better ways to aide us in turning our water on and off. It could be said that ceramic disc technology may be one of the leaders in these advances. Ceramic disc valves were first widely accepted by European faucet manufacturers due the long life span of the disc valves themselves. Ceramic disc valves are said to have a hardness similar to that of diamonds, lasting up to 10 times longer. Although no product is fail safe, ceramic disc valves tend to be less vulnerable to the common problems associated with other types of [...]

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Planning vs Expectations the do’s and don’ts

Failure is not an option. No one likes failure. Not you “The Customer” and surely not your contractor. I don’t even like to utter the word. Most contractors rely on that word of mouth referrals in order to feed their family and the families of the people whom work for them. Don’t set the project up for failure by starting out with the mindset “ you will make it up as you go.” If your expectations are to be met, everyone needs to be on the same page from day 1. Now with that said, “Murphy’s law” is always bound interject at some point. This is where a little homework ahead of time and trusting in your contractor can make your dreams comes to fruition. It is always best practice to do your research beforehand. If you want to use a specific product or construction method, it’s much less painful for everyone involved if you can avoid the hind-sight pitfall. We have all had those aha moments in life. Moments where hind- sight is said to be 20/20. I prefer the aha moments with happy endings and full of smiles. Knowing the products you want to use before you start is a must. Communication and Planning are the key in any relationship. Please don’t tell your contractor you want a specific product or construction method installed after the job is done. Speaking up when the project is nearly completed is just as bad. If that is the case, please don’t expect them to re do it for free. It’s not their fault. Playing dumb is just as bad, that goes for contractor or customer. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice from your contractor, they [...]

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To Seal or not to Seal

People always ask me when do I seal my granite? The answer is really easy. When your new granite tops are delivered, your installer should seal your granite for the very first time. You will know when it is time to re seal your countertops when you clean with soap and water. The water should always bead on the counter. The water beads because sealers contain a certain percentage of carnauba “Wax”, silicone and other additives that repel liquids and protect the stone. If you wash your countertop and the stone changes colors, darkens, or is no longer beading on the surface. That is an indication that it is time to re seal, because there is no more wax and silicone on the surface. I have found that this will need to be done annually. 10 year sealers are available in the market; but for me, the cost out weighs the benefit. Sealers and maintenance kits are available from your local retailers. The ease of application and the difference in cost is the only reason I would not use a 10 year sealer. 10 year sealers are fabulous; it becomes a matter of personal choice. There is a misconception that sealers provide an impenetrable barrier that the likes of Superman could not break through. Sealers only protect your granite or natural stone against staining. Sealers can not protect against etching caused by harsh chemicals. We have tested sealers in our shop to see how they perform against common things found in your kitchen. Ketchup, mustard, some cola products, wine, vinegar, etc. Mustard and Colas will cause the most damage if left un-attended on your countertop. With any spill, just wipe it up immediately and you [...]

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