Not to worry, we are not going to have you fill out one of those on line quizzes. Deep down you already know your style. You know what you like and don’t like. At the end of the day, most people revert back to their first choice. You can ask yourself these few basic questions? Sleek modern designs vs traditional, independent or integrated sprayer, high necks for large pots, do you want that soap dispenser?

Most faucets mounted on premium surface countertops tend to be mounted through the countertop. This is due mainly to the popularity of under mount sinks. The faucets holes are then drilled by the countertop fabricator. Your faucet style will dictate how many holes will need to be drilled in your countertop. Things you may consider before you drill. Are you left handed or right handed? This has more to with soap dispensers and or faucets that may have separate on/off handles.

Ask yourself “What’s in your faucet?” Is it human nature or just curiosity that gets the best of us, invoking that drive to invent a better mouse trap? Faucet Manufacturers through constant innovations continue to develop better ways to aide us in turning our water on and off. It could be said that ceramic disc technology may be one of the leaders in these advances. Ceramic disc valves were first widely accepted by European faucet manufacturers due the long life span of the disc valves themselves. Ceramic disc valves are said to have a hardness similar to that of diamonds, lasting up to 10 times longer. Although no product is fail safe, ceramic disc valves tend to be less vulnerable to the common problems associated with other types of valves on the market, operating under a broad spectrum of water conditions. Ceramic disc valves are widely used by companies such as Moen, Delta, Luxart, Danze, Kohler, Ect.

I get asked this a lot. Do I need my faucet ahead of time? This depends on the countertop fabricator. In our shop we prefer for you have the faucet at the job site the morning of the install. Weather you purchase your faucet from us or another retailer it doesn’t matter. Some contractors prefer to drill your countertop ahead of time. We do not. I”ll tell you why. Years ago along came Mrs. Smith. A lovely lady and one of my favorite customers in fact. Mrs. Smith purchased her faucet ahead of time; and as always we drilled her countertop to match in the shop. Install day came and everyone is excited, ourselves included. Then it happened, Mrs. Smith in her delight, presented us with another Faucet. One in fact she purchased the night before. She said,” Don’t you just love it? I like it so much better!” To conclude, it all worked out in the end and Mrs. Smith did not get her new faucet after all. So now in order to avoid such situations, we drill all our faucet holes at the house. It really doesn’t take that much extra time and everyone is happy!

A few remaining decisions still need to be made. What color faucet? Colors vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the most common choices are brushed nickel, chrome, bronze, stainless, Champagne, black or white. What is your budget? Is price important? How important is name brand vs off brand. Many time market share drives name brand recognition. Our company as in most small business is a great example of off brand. All that means is there are a lot of customers we haven’t met yet.