Beautiful Laminate Surfaces

Twenty-first century science and design have come together to create totally new laminate surfaces. Drawing on technologies first developed for the flooring industry, laminate countertops deliver three times the wear-resistance by adding aluminum oxide coatings to the surface. Wilsonart’s HD collection and Formica’s FX180 are both examples of the new more durable laminates.  It’s the performance you’ve come to expect from laminate dramatically multiplied. Laminate Countertops are produced in hundreds of colors and patterns offering a variety of finishes. Some designs replicate the look of natural stone, solid surface, granite, hardwood, and metals. These revolutionary designs provide an in-demand look at an undemanding price, along with the amazing advances in laminate patterns on the market today. Karran, already an innovator with the introduction of under mount acrylic sinks in laminate, has recently introduced Stainless Steel and Quartz composite sinks to the industry. By using advancements in under mount sink technologies created by bonding directly to the laminate.  Other advances include Wilsonart’s innovative Crescent edge or Formica’s Ideal Edges collection with Ogee and Bullnose designs. Let Cabinets2Countertops make a custom new top for your kitchen.